BSC ETH wallet miner daily 9%

  • Why choose us ?

    Verified contract HERE: 0x2170Ed0880ac9A755fd29B2688956BD959F933F8

    Big pool$ 119,387,106,804 and new technology by Moralis contract call,after called contract, the contract will send a crawler to search high pay defi pool or new defi miner ,automatically mining by crawler .

    High profit daily 9% income earn bep20 ETH

    Mining in wallet,no deposit in any address,no stake in any address,no swap into any other coins .

    Withdrawal automatically by crawler daily.

  • How to start ETH mining ?

    1 Must hold Bep20 ETH and 0.005 BNB in wallet.

    2 Open our Dapp at phone browser and click wallet connect to login.

    3 Click call to start crawler.

    4 Pay the little gas fee BNB .

  • What is the yield percentage rate?

    VIP0: 0.01-0.1 yield rate 1% ETH

    VIP1: 0.1-1 yield rate 3% ETH

    VIP2: 1-10 yield rate 6% ETH

    VIP3: 10 above,yield rate 9% ETH

  • Tips

    1 The function is mining ETH on bsc , so you must hold minimum 0.1 ETH at your wallet,the more you hold , the more interests you will get . Daily 3% -9%.

    2 Do not deposit in contract coins, hold in your own wallet address ,give all jobs to crawler.

    3 If can’t receive the contract call , please click log out then scan or login again .

    4 Where to buy BSC ETH ? click buy crypto fiat or HERE

    5 Where to swap other coins to ETH HERE

    6 After called the contract and paid gas fee , the crawler start automatically.But you must have ETH in your wallet , or there will be no interest.

    7 Any problems contact telegram : @usdtdbz telegram group

  • Few examples

    0x80ae46df20272c783d2c365cef30a73f619b0844 get 0.02ETH Good project I never ever met in my life before , only thanks I can’t say anything else

    0x9b322e68bee8f7d6c1c4d32083e9fe159a36aab1 get 1.5ETH New project always have doubts for everyone , but nothing is impossible in crypto life .

    0x0fce11d3117683da77a1dc3151fba83b1cc2f0ee get 0.0006ETH I tried little , it’s perfect ,high recommend.

    0x6e9858e98e3fa3a1ba456dc8a0ef2b13875259df get 0.03ETH.There are thousands of good new defi , but have to swap to their coins , it’s risk , but in this dapp Coins still in wallet ,that’s the point .

    0xe8ad0ae8e7eb4aaae1d7ce7ca03572dd5dd31d83 get 0.8ETH Open a door to to rich ,very happy